Athlete's Corner

Know, Accept, Perfect, Improve

Well, we’re now into April and college baseball conference play is in full swing.  As a fan, this becomes one of the most fun times of the year. But for some players, this can be the time of year that will put you in an emotional rollercoaster. All season long, college teams have worked to establish that tight […]

Transfer Issues

How NOT to approach the transfer process

Here are two recent examples of how NOT to approach the transfer process: In one case, the parent of a student-athlete sent out e-mails to other schools stating that their child was considering a transfer from School A.  Some of these schools sent “permission to contact” request forms to School A to speak to this […]

Recruiting Issues

What you should do if you don’t sign an NLI

The National Letter of Intent Signing Day for many sports was Wednesday, February 5th.  I’d like to congratulate those of you who have the opportunity to sign with the school of your choice.  I know all of you (and your parents) have put in a lot of time, money, and effort to have this dream […]

Eligibility Issues

Important Advice for Recruits

While I usually tend to speak on athlete preparation and approach issues, I’d like to take this time to offer advice for all prospective student-athletes and parents, based on some experiences that I’ve had working with initial eligibility in a college athletics compliance department.  In my current job as the Recruiting and Education Graduate Assistant […]