Recruiting Through the Eyes of a Coach

In his discussion with Rick Allen, Josh Holliday, a nationally recognized assistant coach, shares valuable insights into the recruiting process from a coaches’ perspective.

Informed Athlete’s Comprehensive Guide to Campus Visits

Revised July 2014 with updated NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA rules! Informed Athlete’s Comprehensive Guide to Campus Visits gives important advice and information that will help you make a more informed decision about which school to select.

Old shirt, new shirt, red shirt, blue shirt??

Rick Allen explains how college athletic teams assign high school and college athletes designations such as “red shirt athlete,” “gray shirt athlete,” “green shirt athlete,” and “blue shirt athlete” as part of their recruiting and eligibility strategy. Understanding what these terms mean and understanding how they are used is especially beneficial to high school athletes who are being actively recruited.

What is the NCAA sliding scale?

To be eligible to receive an athletic scholarship, and to be able to practice and compete, an athlete who will be enrolling at an NCAA Division I school as a freshman must be certified as a Qualifier by the NCAA Eligibility Center. As part of the determination of a student-athlete’s eligibility for Division I, the […]

Important NCAA Eligibility Requirements

If you’re a 2016 high school grad or younger (or the parent or coach of one), are you on track to be eligible for competition as a freshman at an NCAA Division I program? The NCAA has revised the academic requirements that incoming athletes must meet to be eligible to compete during the freshman year […]

High School Athletes: Be informed about your eligibility status!

While serving as the Recruiting and Education Graduate Assistant at the University of Missouri Athletics Department during grad school, my main focus was making sure that all prospective student-athletes were on pace to qualify academically for both university admissions and for NCAA eligibility. In that position, I encountered a wide variety of situations that included […]

Recruiting 101 – The Importance of Being Seen

If you are a high school baseball player (or any athlete) who hopes to receive a college athletic scholarship, the most important thing you can do is get your name out there. Playing in front of coaches gives yourself a better shot to put your name in that coach’s head.

Recruiting Calls Now Permissible!

This is an exciting time for many 2015 HS grads (and their loved ones) because July 1 is the date when they can begin receiving recruiting phone calls from NCAA Division I coaches in most sports. This is also the date when those same HS grads and their families can receive face-to-face contact from coaches […]

Division II Recruiting Rule Changes

If you are a parent of a high school student-athlete who is entering their junior year of high school this Fall (2016 graduating class), there are new NCAA Division II recruiting rules that take effect June 15th!   The rules are listed below. I’ve also created a FREE Q&A Division II Recruiting Rules Info Sheet […]

How to approach an exit meeting with your coach

With the end of the season approaching, and having already arrived for some teams, a hot topic among all players and parents will be exit meetings with the coaching staff. This is the time where each player will meet with the coaching staff (in my experience, the head coach, but may differ for other teams) […]

Know, Accept, Perfect, Improve

Well, we’re now into April and college baseball conference play is in full swing.  As a fan, this becomes one of the most fun times of the year. But for some players, this can be the time of year that will put you in an emotional rollercoaster. All season long, college teams have worked to establish that tight […]

Tips to Make Your Season Successful

The arrival of preseason also means that the best time of year is right around the corner. Now is the time that is most crucial for players to become routine regimented, both on the field and in the classroom. Whether you are a high school or college athlete, your first priority is always your class […]

How NOT to approach the transfer process

Here are two recent examples of how NOT to approach the transfer process: In one case, the parent of a student-athlete sent out e-mails to other schools stating that their child was considering a transfer from School A.  Some of these schools sent “permission to contact” request forms to School A to speak to this […]

Informed Athlete’s Transfer Guide

Informed Athlete’s Transfer Guide provides comprehensive information and step-by-step instructions in layman’s terms that will help you navigate through the transfer process to a NCAA or NAIA institution.

Advice about Fall Drills

So fall drills have started, and lo and behold, the coach/coaches aren’t quite what they seemed to be when they were recruiting you to their school. Unfortunately, this seems to happen fairly often.  I was a fortunate one that did not have horror stories to tell once I stepped on campus.  A few of my […]