Both Sides Of The Plate

Insider Secrets for Navigating the College Baseball Recruiting Process

Both Sides of the PlateEach year, parents spend thousands of dollars on lessons, equipment, competitive sports teams, and travel in the hopes that their child will be noticed by college athletic recruiters and offered a scholarship. 

Their journey is often complicated by making costly mistakes due, in many cases, to not knowing or understanding the NCAA rules. 

If you are going through the recruiting process or plan to be soon, this book could save you hours of time and THOUSANDS of dollars. 

Decisions made during the recruiting process can have HUGE and lasting impact both emotionally and financially later on. This book provides real-life advice and experiences that are typical of the many situations you will encounter if you are actively pursuing an athletic scholarship. 

In this book, you will learn how soon you should get started in the recruiting process, what you should do if you’re not getting recruiting interest, what to look for and questions to ask on your campus visits, what academic requirements are needed to be eligible for an athletic scholarship, what to do if things don’t work out and you need to transfer to another school, and what you should know BEFORE you go through the recruiting process.

For over 20 years, I was Director of NCAA Compliance at 2 major universities.  In addition, I have walked in parents’ shoes when our son was recruited and accepted a college baseball scholarship at a Division I school. 

Some of the stories I share are based on situations I’ve encountered throughout my years on campus. Some of these stories include mistakes that were made in our own son’s recruitment process despite my years of NCAA experience and expertise.

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Both Sides Of The Plate

Rick Allen, Founder of Informed Athlete & former Director of Compliance at 2 major universities, shares stories and advice that are based on situations he encountered in his 20+ years on campus and his own personal experience when his son was recruited to play baseball at a Division I University.
Note: Price includes shipping.

About Rick Allen

25+ years NCAA Rules Expertise, including Director of Compliance at 2 major DI schools

Former President of National Association for Athletic Compliance (NAAC)

Conducts compliance reviews and audits at NCAA Schools throughout the U.S.

Consulted with NAIA schools transitioning to NCAA membership status

Dad of a DI & DII student-athlete

2 Responses to Both Sides Of The Plate

  • carolyn says:

    my grandson recvd a full scholarship to a school in fla last yr,but was informed he wld not get to play, so he transferred to a jr college and finished out the school year he went back to the jr college aug 1 2013 and was then told he was not picked. what could be done at this time. what are his rights if any. the coaches want even return a call to his parents, stating he is grown, he is only 19 and a long way from home.please advise. thank you

    • Rick Allen says:


      Junior colleges, NAIA schools, and NCAA Div. II schools are allowed to offer tryouts to prospects if they choose to do so. I suggest that he contact some of these schools and request a tryout to see if one of those schools would invite him to join their team.


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