Recruiting Process Assistance

“Hi Rick,  I can testify to the fact that the recruiting process was a path with unexpected twists and turns and it was comforting to have you alongside to help navigate.  I can’t imagine any parent trying to go it alone.”

                                                                                  Parent of a Division I Volleyball Player

About Rick Allen

Former NCAA Compliance Officer and Founder of Informed Athlete

2 Responses to Recruiting Process Assistance

  • jamal says:

    im a senior in highschool i play football for 4 years in highschool ima play football at pasadena city college if i play there for 2 years can i transfer to a D1 school?

    • Rick Allen says:

      Hi Jamal,

      You will be able to transfer to a Div. I school and be eligible if you meet the academic requirements for a transfer from JUCO to NCAA Div. I.


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