Academic Scholarships

To Be or Not to Be – Recruited or Non-recruited?

Can it actually be better to be a non-recruited walk-on to a Division I baseball team compared to a player who’s been actively recruited to join that team?  It can be when a baseball player desires to transfer from one Division I program to another!  As many of you know, in Division I baseball, a […]

When should you take the ACT and SAT tests?

Rick Allen, Founder of Informed Athlete, talks about WHEN & WHY a high school athlete should take the ACT & SAT Tests.

Informed Athlete’s New Book Now Available!


If you are going through the college athletic recruiting process or will be soon, the information in Rick Allen’s new book could save you THOUSANDS of dollars.  Allen’s new book Both Sides of the Plate – Insider Secrets for Navigating the College Baseball Recruiting Process  is now available for $17.95 + $4.75 shipping.     Decisions made during […]

Key Points About Outside Scholarships

The end of the school year will be arriving before we know it, bringing with it graduations and awards ceremonies where many scholarships will be awarded to high school seniors to help pay for their college education.  For those students who will be playing a sport at an NCAA Division I or II university, it […]

What is Informed Athlete?

Informed Athlete LLC ( provides guidance and answers questions that high school and college athletes, parents, and coaches have about college athletic recruiting, eligibility, transfers, and scholarships. Rick & Julie Allen founded Informed Athlete in 2008 to help families of student athletes who have the athletic skills to compete at the collegiate level, but often struggle through the recruiting or transfer process and make mistakes that cost a lot of money or result in an athlete quitting their sport before they have reached their full potential.

National Letter of Intent & Athletic Scholarships

November is an exciting time for those high school seniors (or junior college athletes) who have been recruited by an NCAA Division I or II athletic program and have been offered an athletic scholarship to continue participating in their sport in college. These athletes will have an opportunity to sign a National Letter of Intent […]

Athletic Scholarships and Financial Aid Issues

While some people believe that college athletes who receive athletic scholarships receive “full-ride” scholarships, the truth is that no athletic scholarship covers ALL of the costs of attending college, and that athletes in the majority of sports programs receive “partial” athletic scholarships.  A “full” athletic scholarship covers the following costs of college:  tuition, certain course-related […]