Recruiting 101 – The Importance of Being Seen

Ryan Allen, Former Mizzou Pitcher now with Informed Athlete

If you are a high school baseball player (or any athlete) who hopes to receive a college athletic scholarship, the most important thing you can do is get your name out there. Playing in front of coaches gives yourself a better shot to put your name in that coach’s head.

Tips to Make Your Season Successful

The arrival of preseason also means that the best time of year is right around the corner. Now is the time that is most crucial for players to become routine regimented, both on the field and in the classroom. Whether you are a high school or college athlete, your first priority is always your class […]

What you should do if you don’t sign an NLI

The National Letter of Intent Signing Day for many sports was Wednesday, February 5th.  I’d like to congratulate those of you who have the opportunity to sign with the school of your choice.  I know all of you (and your parents) have put in a lot of time, money, and effort to have this dream […]

Advice for College Athletes Regarding Transfer Situations

Rick Allen

Spring sports are ending and some college athletes are considering, or have already decided, to transfer to another school for next year. Sometimes it is their choice, and sometimes they are encouraged to leave during their exit meeting with their coach. If an athlete is planning to transfer to an NCAA Division I or II […]

NCAA Rules – Definition of a Recruited Athlete

How does the NCAA define whether a prospect is considered a recruited athlete? A prospect is considered a recruited athlete if the college takes one of the following actions: If they provide the prospect with an official visit. If they have an off-campus contact with the prospect or the prospect’s parents or legal guardians. If […]

The Mental Side of Improving Athletic Performance

The Mental Side of Improving Athletic Performance

Dr. Chris White of the Flippen Group shares the top 5 traits that athletes need to have to excel in their sport, and gives advice on how to develop the mental skills to be successful both on and off the field.

To Be or Not to Be – Recruited or Non-recruited?

Can it actually be better to be a non-recruited walk-on to a Division I baseball team compared to a player who’s been actively recruited to join that team? It can be when a baseball player desires to transfer from one Division I program to another!  As many of you know, in Division I baseball, a […]

When should you take the ACT and SAT tests?

Rick Allen, Founder of Informed Athlete, talks about WHEN & WHY a high school athlete should take the ACT & SAT Tests.

Mid-year Transfer Reminders

Rick Allen, Co-Founder of Informed Athlete

It is common for athletes to transfer from one school to another in the middle of the academic year.  Here are some general reminders about midyear transfer situations.     1. Baseball players transferring TO an NCAA Division I program at midyear cannot be eligible until the following academic year.  This is true regardless of whether the athlete […]

Commitments & Signings Getting Out of Hand?

Last week, Seantrel Henderson, one of the top football recruits in the country, flew from his home in Minneapolis to New York to announce his college commitment (University of Southern California) live on the CBS College Sports Network’s National Signing Day special. That same day, other elite recruits announced their college choices on ESPNU. Then, […]

Athletic Scholarships & Transfer Issues

“You need to transfer if you want to get more playing time.”

That’s the last thing that a college athlete wants to hear from his or her coach. Sometimes transfers are initiated by the athlete, but many times they are initiated by the coach.

Throughout the years, I have encountered many different reasons for athlete transfers including coaches moving to another school, athletes wanting to move closer to home, athletes desire to switch schools, or because their scholarship has been reduced or cancelled.

Campus Visits 101

One of the most important decisions that a college athlete recruit will make is which college scholarship offer to accept.  The best way to learn about a college or university and the baseball program, that you are interested in or that that is recruiting you, is to visit campus.  From the standpoint of NCAA rules, […]

Summer Camps – An opportunity to be seen!

Summer is a very important time in the recruitment of high school athletes by college coaches. Participation on summer teams, in summer individual competition, or in summer camps and clinics are an opportunity to be seen by college coaches as you are participating in your sport. This has become more evident over just the past […]

Athletic Scholarships and Financial Aid Issues

While some people believe that college athletes who receive athletic scholarships receive “full-ride” scholarships, the truth is that no athletic scholarship covers ALL of the costs of attending college, and that athletes in the majority of sports programs receive “partial” athletic scholarships.  A “full” athletic scholarship covers the following costs of college:  tuition, certain course-related […]

College Recruiting – Why doesn’t the coach call me back?

“Stressed Athlete” recently sent me this question: “I called and left a message for a college coach asking him to call me back because I have some questions about their program, but he has not returned my phone call. Does this mean they are not interested in me?” Answer: If the coach has already called […]